Corespondent/Photographer: Anne Yergeau

On a sunny, Tuesday afternoon near the end of June I had the pleasure of attending the Palm Beach County Convention hosted by the New Legal Sea Food’s Harborside Restaurant at 242 Northern Avenue, Boston, MA. Greeted in a warm and welcoming manner, the valet graciously invited me in before whisking my car away to be safely tucked away while I attended the convention. They were the most gracious host to a relaxing, friendly, enjoyable experience.

I had the opportunity to speak with representatives in public relations for a variety of places, including: The Ritz-Carlton [Palm Beach] and Eau Spa, The Red Carnation Hotel Collection - The Chesterfield Hotel, The Seagate Hotel & Spa, The Breakers Palm Beach, Boca Raton Resort & Club, and the Palm Beach County Cultural Council. The New Legal Sea Food’s Harborside Restaurant graciously opened their new second floor for this lovely, private affair.

Each club, hotel, and spa had the most wonderful getaways. Listening to all each lodging had to offer, I was swept away by the awe-inspiring beauty and tranquility of Florida. These holiday destinations appeal to many, be ye single, couples, families with children, people of all ages.

All these lovely places are minutes away from the art and culture of Florida, shopping and beaches. At the Red Carnation Hotel Collection -- The Chesterfield, you can nourish you soul, basking in the beauty of European-style elegance. Along with the captivating scene of Palm Beach, their hotel collection extends to London, Dorset, Geneva, and Cape Town. The Red Carnation Hotel Collection is absolutely exquisite. Learn much more about this positively superb hotel at                                                   

Discover and delight in the elegance of the Ritz-Carlton, Palm Beach at There is just so much to talk about and to see! While you are there why not pause, breathe, relax -- at the Eau Spa here at the Ritz-Carlton, Palm Beach. Here, set among the white sands and azure seas of Palm Beach you may indulge, pamper and feed, lounge and lose yourself in yourself. Check this out at

The Seagate Hotel and the Boca Raton Resort & Club are two more superb accommodations. Get away, retreat, relax and breathe in the ocean air. Visit the Seagate Hotel at; learn more about the Breakers Palm Beach at; find out more about the Boca Raton Resort & Club at

Thank you to all who made this event possible: all who were represented at the convention; the New Legal Sea Food Harborside Restaurant, the gracious valets, and all who work behind the scenes to make such a pleasant event possible. Treat yourself to a little time-off. Take care of yourself so that you can take care of others. Enjoy!



Corespondent/Photographer: Anne Yergeau

“The arts are a vital part of our lives.” How can I tell you in 500-words or less how important they are? I cannot. Around the country there are cultural councils encouraging just that -- ART. The Palm Beach County Cultural Council promotes art and culture in a first-rate way. Art can begin anywhere, anytime, young or old. Grab a paint brush, let your fingers sink into clay, dust off the ebony and ivory, and slip on your dancing shoes -- lose yourself, be uninhibited, smile and most of all -- have fun. We grow, we develop, our muse comes to life.

The Palm Beach County Cultural Council is working hard to promote the support of the arts at local, state, and the federal levels of government. They are working diligently for even the most modest investments in the arts by their state legislature and the U.S. Congress. They have an immense economic impact in Florida -- it has been estimated that every dollar invested in the arts returns $5 to the community. Check out more figures in the Spring 2011 issue of Art & Culture of Palm Beach County. They are amazing.

Sometimes when we think of art our thoughts go right to paintings and music. There are numerous avenues of art. I personally enjoy knitting. I have learned to gather the wool [my favorite is Alpaca], wash, clean, spin and weave. Oh, the tapestries! Then there are costume designers, in the theatre we have everyone                        

from the set and stage designers to the actors and actresses, singers and songwriters and absolutely everyone in-between! And who’s taking the photographs -- those fabulous photos are a slice of life held in suspension.

It doesn’t end. Art is everywhere. Look around at the awesome architecture, design and flow of the lines of living in this world. Patterns hold meaning in the beauty of quilting and the coming together of women in the community to render these beautiful coverlets. Art is infinite. When we create our hearts are full of life and love. Our imaginations soar, we are inspired, and we are, for an instance, alone with our art and our life and ourselves -- completely uninhibited, entranced and alive.

The Art & Culture of Palm Beach County encourage and work for all to be inspired and realize the beauty of the arts, the importance of the arts in our lives. You can learn so much more about them at Along with them, please take the time to check out the art and culture of your own community. You will be pleasantly surprised.

The pottery wheel spins and what was once a lump of clay becomes a shapely vase to display floral arrangements from a garden of delight. Like clay in the artist hands, we are pushed and pulled, shaped and molded everyday of our lives, to become what we are meant to be. Allow yourself to grow, to be shaped and molded and to soar to new heights. Get art!

Three Hours Twenty Minutes and You’re There

Casa Grandview Luxury Historic Inn, Cottages & Suites

The Elegance of Comfort..
A special thanks to Cheryl & Kirk Granthams for your expertise in comfort and relaxation.. The Capeway Traveler

     As you enter the driveway your taken back by the tropical plants and knowing you have now stepped back in time with all the state-of-the- art modern amenities and services of a luxury hotel, and with the unique atmosphere of a charming bed and breakfast, all of this nestled in a private casual tropical island you have arrived at the Casa Grandview.

     I was fortune enough to have spent my time surrounded by history, in the elegant penthouse suite with a king bed and private jacuzzi tub, Gilchrist & Soames Bath Products and separate shower for two.

     There are just to many ammenties to mention go to the website and discover much more.. However I found a few I certainly enjoyed.

•Coffee/Tea Service
•Complimentary Breakfast
•DVD Rental Library
•Designer Bath Products
•Exquisite Linens
•Keyless Door Entry
•LCD HDTV | DVD or Blu-Ray
•Outdoor Lounging Areas, Chaises, Dining & Grilling Areas
•Parking Onsite (complimentary)
•Pet Friendly (please inquire)
•Pools (North & South Pools)
•Wi-Fi (complimentary)

     Our first evening was simply perfect dinner and entertainment at the Colony Palm Beach’s Royal Room, 155 Hammon Ave., Palm Beach. Were we met up with Ruth Young, Director of Sales & Marketing. My hats off to you Ruth. Being a part of the Royals Room’s tenth anniversary celebration we hit it just right. The Best of Las Vegas Entertainment Clint Holmes is more than a singer and songwriter. Like a painter with a blank canvas, he makes every performance an original. His powerful voice and magnetic stage...

     Friday morning and we are leisurely going to discover Worth Avenue, I must tell you if you get the chance to discover the Palm Beaches, Worth Avenue is a must.. But bring your Bentley, Lexus, Jaguar or Mercedes or simple walk the neighborhood in eye delight.

     Visit to the Downtown Delray Beach area and the Old School Square Crest Theatre Building. Discover Old School Square Cultural Arts Center and National Historic Site, where beautifully restored, early 20th century school buildings enrich the greater Delray Beach community and South Florida with visual and performing arts. This award-winning, nationally recognized cultural center successfully combined historic preservation and the arts to become the catalyst for the 1990's renaissance of downtown Delray Beach.

    Old School Square is located on the corner of Atlantic and Swinton Avenues in downtown Delray Beach, Florida, a first-class resort destination and a diverse, vibrant "All-America" city. This "Village by the Sea" is situated on the Atlantic Ocean between Boca Raton and West Palm Beach. Delray Beach is just 30 minutes south of Palm Beach International Airport and 45 minutes north of Fort Lauderdale.

     Saturday morning and hungry Cheryl from the Casa Grandview suggests a trip to the PARIS Bakery & Cafe.. "LE FRUNCHE"
Saturday only from 9am to 2pm
What is "Le Frunche"? It's a French Brunch. What is a French Brunch??? It's all about... Breakfast French Crepes & French Breakfast Specialties! merci!

     Each Saturday Green Market Vendors Offer A Variety Of Farm Fresh Fruits And Vegetables, Tropical And Native Plants, Fresh-Cut Flowers, Artisan Foods, And Much More From 8:00 A.M. To 1:00 P.M. At Our New Home On The Waterfront Commons In Downtown West Palm Beach. Guests Can Also Sit And Enjoy Breakfast Or Lunch While Taking In The Sights And Sounds Of The New Waterfront. The West Palm Beach Greenmarket Is Dog-Friendly, And Offers Free Parking In The Banyan Street Garage Until 2:00 P.M. For More About The West Palm Beach Greenmarket, Please Call 561-822-1515.

1925 Mediterranean Revival Casa Grandview Historic Luxury Inn,
Cottages & Suites
West Palm Beach Florida

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