Geri DeSousa

I have been taking pictures since I was eleven years old. My parents had to put a limit on how many roils I could use a week. I saved my allowance for buying film and processing. Although I was always photographing everything, I started doing portraits and small jobs for fellow competitors when I was showing dogs. I really got started when my daughter began to show horses. That was my spring board.

I was extremely fortunate to learn and train under teacher, mentor, Corrina Raznikoff. Working with her for nearly a year. As well as teacher and mentor Richard Souza. I worked with him sharing a studio before going off on my own. (I owned my own business when I resided in MA before moving to SC). Both of my mentors are well known, highly respected, and extremely talented Photographers. I learned so much from both of them and I’m grateful for their help in making me to succeed. I also worked as a veterinary technician for over fifteen years, receiving invaluable training with animals.

Taking pictures is my passion, I still excited every time I hear the shutter goes off! It makes me happy and feeds my soul. I can’t imagine my life without the ability to create and be able to document life.

I do individual portraits, shows, events, weddings, sales photos. I’ve done work for many non profits. And, taught adults and children beginning and advanced photography. I can also do ads and graphic design for clients when asked.

I like to capture real life. My style is laidback and unassuming, capturing and documenting life, honesty and love… all the emotions and truth. I work in the Camden area as well as Columbia, Charleston and Georgia. I still have ties to MA and I will travel where ever my next job will take me. I am currently working for the SC Steeplechase Association and my non profits include the Kershaw Free Medical Clinic, Fine Arts Museum, Historic Camden, and the Walter J. Crowe Animal Shelter. I have won multiple awards and have been fortunate to have some of my pieces exhibited in The Florence Fine Art Museum. Along with television ads, my work can be seen in Southern Living, Go Magazine, Southern Parent, The National Tennessee Walker Magazine, The Camden Equestrian, T he Current and The Cronicle (local publications) and the State newspaper as well as Horse Talk and other Free Bird Times Publications. I am blessed to live on a beautiful farm in Cassatt, SC with my wonderful husband. It is my safe haven. We share our farm with horses, dogs, cats, goats, geese, ducks and a very large and very cute pig named Julius. I also enjoy gardening and sewing. I love riding my horses and enjoy entertaining, sharing my home with good friend and family.