Meet the staff

As publisher of six publications - The Free Bird Times, The Capeway Traveler, Fall-In Military News, The Blues Traveler, New England Horse Talk & Beyond and Gaming and Entertainment Monthly.

- Karen Blair is no novice to the newspaper industry. She started in the business with a meteoric rise from part-time advertising space seller, to general manager and eventually publisher for the Franklin Publishing Co.

Blair decided to start her own "monthly country journal", The Free Bird Times in September 1995. It has since grown to cover over 47 communities and boasts a readership of over 66,000 people every month... Quite impressive numbers!

Because of her success with the Free Bird Times, Blair decided to launch five more periodicals. The Capeway Traveler, an index/reference publication geared toward travelers looking to become acquainted with New England and other parts of the country.

New England Horse Talk & Beyond,The New England Horse Talk & Beyond is dedicated to reporting and promoting the horse industry that exists in our area. We shall endeavor to keep the readers and their families interested and active. Established in January 2000 with one purpose in mind to provide information to the New England readers and beyond. We are here to promote and serve you and all the members of the horse industry. Let us know how we can assist you and your equine business. We will assist you in developing an effective promotional advertising strategy. We look forward to serving you. New England Horse Talk & Beyond welcomes freelance submissions.

Fall-In Military News, is a online pubilcation for, by and about active and retired military service. This publication is dedicated to the perpetuation of fellowship camaraderie established in wartime, strife in duress of combat.

Blair, who resides in Middleboro, Massachusetts is also licensed as a Justice of the Peace, Notary Public, Commissioner to Qualify Public Officers, Paralegal, and serves as a constable for the Commonwealth. Although this keeps her very busy, publishing is still her number one priority. "I thought it would be small but it has really grown..." states Blair in regards to The Free Bird Times, "publishing is in my blood."

All publications are available with a subscription, and filled with upbeat and informative editorial information.